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Mercado Kramer LLP

Mercado Kramer LLP represents clients in the areas below. If you have a situation that doesn’t fit into one of these categories, or you are not sure, please reach out and ask us! If your case is not one that our firm covers, we’ll give you tips to find the right attorney.
Whatever type of case you have, you can seek compensation (money) for the cost of medical treatment, including treatment you might need in the future, lost wages and future lost earnings, and your pain and suffering.


catastrophic injury 2

Catastrophic injuries, such as major traumatic brain injuries and damage to the spinal cord, permanently impact a person’s ability to take care of themselves. They require a lifetime of medical care. Our personal injury attorneys investigate to find every available insurance policy and source of compensation. Insurance companies often try to drag these cases out in court to avoid paying. We are experienced with their tricks, and ready for the fight. Our goal is not just to get you or your loved one as much money as possible, but to help you plan for the future.


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Whether you were rear-ended or struck in an intersection, our personal injury attorneys will investigate your claim and fight for maximum compensation. Even at low speeds, car wrecks put significant force on your body. Don’t let the insurance companies brush off your accident as a “fender bender.” Each car insurance company has their own tactics they’ll use to try to pay less than you deserve. We’ve worked with insurance companies large and small on hundreds of negotiations. Our knowledge helps you level the playing field.


Motorcycle Accident Scene

There’s no greater feeling than the freedom of riding your bike on the open road. But motorcyclists are often wrongly blamed for accidents and treated unfairly when they bring a personal injury claim. This can lead to denied claims and low settlement offers. We understand lane splitting and other customs of the road and will fight to make sure you’re compensated fairly.



California has complicated laws about when pedestrians have the right of way and where they can cross the street. This means that in a vehicle v. pedestrian case, there is often a dispute about who is at fault. If you, your child or another loved one are hit by a car while on foot, it’s important to contact a lawyer right away. The sooner we start our investigation, the better chance we have of holding the driver who hurt you accountable and getting you compensated for your injuries.



We can help you if you’re injured because you slipped on water at a grocery store or tripped on a raised sidewalk ledge. Property owners and city governments have a duty of care to keep the areas where people walk safe and clear of hazards. But they often ignore that duty. Then, when you get hurt and bring a case, their lawyers will try to blame you for not looking where you were going. Our attorneys have experience fighting back against these tactics and keeping the focus of the case on your injuries and suffering.



We love our pets – but sometimes animals can be dangerous. Dog bites are all too common. When you or your child gets bitten by a dog, there are many questions to investigate. Who did the dog belong to? Does that person have insurance? Has the dog bitten someone before? Our attorneys will get right to work investigating while you focus on getting the medical care you need. 



Victims of sexual abuse and assault should know that they have options to seek justice through civil court as well as a criminal case. Our attorneys understand that coming forward to tell your story can be terrifying. We take your wellbeing and privacy extremely seriously.  If you’re unsure about pursuing a case, you can talk to us in complete confidence. We’ll help you understand your options, from seeking a settlement to holding your perpetrator accountable in open court.


Flowers Candles Funeral

If you lost a loved one due to negligence, whether from a car accident or something else, we can help. Spouses, domestic partners, and children of the deceased person can seek compensation for lost financial support, as well as for the heart-rending loss of companionship, affection, care, and moral support and love. If your loved one struggled with injury before their death, you can seek damages for their pain and suffering. In some situations, family members such as siblings and parents can bring a claim. If you’ve lost someone, you deserve peace of mind while we do the hard work of seeking justice.



Semi trucks and other commercial vehicles create a hazard on our roads due to their large size and the long distances they travel. The insurance companies that cover big rigs and other commercial vehicles have enormous resources to defend their drivers and deny claims. For this reason, it’s crucial that the plaintiff attorney understands the complex laws and evidence involved. We are experienced in investigating driver logs, black box or “EDR” data, and more. We have filed lawsuits and won settlements against trucking companies throughout California.


Bicycle Accidcent Scence

Bicycle riders risk devastating injuries if they get hit by a car or other vehicle. Bicycles have their own laws when it comes to things like riding against traffic and on sidewalks. These laws can vary from city to city in California. Our attorneys will know the laws in your area, do a thorough investigation into how the incident occurred, and take care of your case while you heal.


Yellow Bus on the Bridge

Ride share companies like Uber and Lyft are convenient – no doubt. But their drivers are not trained as professional drivers and make mistakes. Our attorneys have brought many successful cases against ride share and taxi companies in California. If you were injured while riding a city bus or other transportation, know that there state and local governments have many legal protections and tight deadlines. Bringing a claim against them is a complex process.


Dangerous Property Scene

When property owners don’t take care of their land and buildings, they create danger, from unmarked holes to loose boards and faulty electric work. Landlords, retail stores, and other property owners have deep pockets and powerful insurance companies to help them avoid responsibility. Depending on the case, our attorneys dedicate themselves to becoming experts in varied fields of knowledge, from building codes to how different types of fires start. This knowledge helps us prove that the property owner was responsible – and owes you for your injuries.


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Law enforcement officers dedicate themselves to public service and keep us safe every day. But they also have tremendous power, and some bad seeds abuse their power. When that happens, people get hurt. Federal, state, and local governments have a great deal of legal protection, making it difficult to hold them accountable and receive compensation when your civil rights are violated.  But if you or a loved one have been seriously injured due to a civil rights violation, such as excessive force, we want to help.

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