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Attorney Marcela Mercado interviewed on Univision/UniMás about flood damage in Pajaro, California

On March 31, 2023, personal injury attorney Marcela Mercado commented on Univision/UniMás about the history of neglect that caused a levee to breach in Pajaro, California. The piece also provides a glimpse into the lives of farm workers and other residents who suffered as a result.

Click on the link below to view her commentary at minute 2:49:

A picture of personal injury attorney Marcela Mercado, who spoke to Univision about how local governments may be responsible for the March 2023 flooding in Pajaro, California.

A translation of what she said:

"The County of Santa Cruz, their water conservation department, made a report last year that the levee was going to fail, that it was not prepared for rain and there could be an overflow. When they allocate the money, unfortunately they give it to the areas where the houses are more expensive, where the land is worth more, where there's more money. Therefore, in those areas where minorities live, where the houses aren't worth as much, they don't focus. There's not so much emphasis by the government to maintain and have the correct designs."


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